Mobile Phone Stand

Product design • Registered Design • Winter 2017


As an engineer and designer one of the projects that I am very proud of is a mobile phone stand that I designed due to my personal need. Since I was a technology enthusiast all my life I always used different screens while working, my laptop, ipad as well as my phone and it was difficult to keep my phone at a desired angel that I could see the screen well without having to buy an expensive phone stand that was not easy to carry around with all my gadgets and cables and stuff. So I started using a thick paper folding business card that I had and to support my phone, but still wasn’t good enough. To solve this, I cut a bit of the business card to get a better and more still support for the phone and it worked perfectly. Because this stand was made out of business card paper, it was very easy to carry it with me everywhere, it was lightweight and foldable to keep in my wallet as easy as you would carry a business card. I currently hold design patent registration for it in my home country Iran as well as Europe and UK.

Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, 


Final Design

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Solid Modaling

3D engineering drawing  


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