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This app gives you access to your online classroom, student portal, grades, with this app you can access your online course content, submit assignments, take quizzes, and exams and view your grades, course outline and class roster, participate in class discussions, receive real-time notifications to discussion posts, posted grades, and general Academy announcements. Also, you can view your personal account and portfolio, making changes to your portfolio, getting school shuttle information and time and more anywhere you go.

Redesign App

AAU Classes


  • Getting information about classes.

  • Assignments upload and due date and time.

  • Location of campuses and shuttle time and rout.


  • Complicated to navigate,

  • Unnecessary tabs on the landing page.

  • Hard to find some tabs like shuttle service.


Free download. Needs login account for enrolled students.

Visual Design:

Lack of a specific visual design on the mobile app, to make it different from the website.

Redesign App

AAU Classes



  • Font style and size is easy on the eye.



  • Difficult to navigate

  • Un-exciting design

  • Not visually appealing/fun to look at for an Art School application

  • Hierarchy unclear in design

  • Limited color palette

Redesign App

AAU Classes

Improve the login, to save the username and password for a faster experience. Clearing unnecessary functions in order to have a user-friendlier experience, for example, the section for “apply to the school today” or “NEWS” slideshow on the main page and move them to bottom navigation. Creating shortcut access for most used functions, such as the shuttle service, the class resources, checking the class assignments and due date and exact time for uploading, creating ‘student only’ class discussion or group study, and having notification for teacher’s notes about the class changes. Shuttle service is provided in the current version, but it is difficult to find, and difficult to use. Adding a location shortcut on the main page and navigation bottom for easy accessibility to find the location of the cafeteria, shuttle pick up, or administrative sections.

Improve the visual design of the app, to make it different from the AAU website. Making the app design more enjoyable for users, having a fun color pallet, and improving the layout to have a clear interface and easier navigation for users to find the functions. Landing page, bottom navigation, slideshow for the latest news. Having a smaller thumbnail picture for persons in a discussion and focus more on the comment they have written.

Low & Medium Fidelity

AAU Classes

In this project, I do the User Experience process for a redesign of this app such as low and medium fidelity of proof of concept that I linked Below. Before low fidelity design, I made 4 interviews with my university-mate to gave me their review of this app and after that, I start to do low fidelity design it means I design so simple version of this app. During low fidelity and medium-fidelity, I did several user testing and after that, I did A/B test to make sure which design is user-friendlier and after that, I work on a high fidelity version of my design is the finalize design for this app. You can see the demo of my design next slide. 

Medium & Low Fidelity POC

High Fidelity Demo

AAU Classes

You can see the final design demo that shows how it works.

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AAU Classes

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